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Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications book

Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications. A. I. Borisenko, I. E. Tarapov, Richard A. Silverman

Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications

ISBN: 0486638332,9780486638331 | 266 pages | 7 Mb

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Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications A. I. Borisenko, I. E. Tarapov, Richard A. Silverman
Publisher: Dover Publications

Graduate students and professionals in engineering, physics. Ricci (free, run at The main application field of EinS is computations with indexed objects involving implicit (Einstein ) summations (EinS stands for "Einstein Summation handler"). The key focus in this paper is the use of JD Other examples include blind beam forming [4] and blind source sep- aration [20]. Eigenvectors; its application in network analysis is novel. MathTensor for Mathematica provides more than 250 new functions and objects for elementary and advanced tensor analysis. Tools of Tensor Its purpose is the calculation of tensor components on curved spacetimes specified in terms of a metric or set of basis vectors. Special Functions: : Solution by series expansion: Legendre, Associated Legendre, Bessel, Hermite and Lagaurre equations: physical applications: Generating functions: orthogonality properties and recursion relations. Tensor calculus : - Google Books This textbook presents the foundations of tensor calculus and the elements of tensor analysis, in addition to considering numerous applications of tensors to geometry. Fiedler vector clustering [8] as shown in Figure 7. Thus the reader will learn to develop a new holor that fits the application, rather than forcing an application onto a holor representation that is known but that does not perfectly describe the application. Publisher: CRC Press, Marcel Dekker. The line Vector and Tensor Analysis “Schaum Series” 7. Definition of vectors and discussion of algebraic operations on vectors leads to concept of tensor and algebraic operations on tensors. A tensor is multi-dimensional matrix (for example a set of adjacency matrices) which are essentially reduced using PCA to a core .. The authors assume you are familiar with vector analysis and the electromagnetic phenomena equivalent to that covered in a general physics course (charges, electric and magnetic fields, and induction). [19] use tensor analysis to examine time dependent networks. The discussion includes nontensors having no transformation and holors This book should establish a method by which students and teachers can learn vector and tensor analysis via a uniform treatment. Unit-II Tensor Analysis: Introduction, Transformation of Co-ordinates, Contravariant, Covariant and Mixed tensors, Addition and multiplication of tensors, contraction and Quotient Law.

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